DIY – hand sanitizer spray quickly made with manuka oil

DIY – hand sanitizer spray quickly made with manuka oil

Here we show you how you can quickly and easily make a DIY hand sanitizer spray from vodka and our essential manuka oil.

tip 1

Essential Manuka Oil According to many studies, it has antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal effects. Responsible for this are the contained monoterpenes. I currently use it to disinfect my hands, door handles, telephone, etc. We also "purify" our office air with an aroma lamp that vaporizes the essential manuka oil.

tip 2

Since manuka oil is very well absorbed through the mucous membranes, I dab a droplet under my nose when I have a cold and let the oil work on it. This is how I prevent the typical "blocked" nose.

tip 3

Since manuka oil has a very low cineaol content of only 0.17% in the total oil, it is well tolerated by the skin (essential tea tree oil contains 2 to 7% of the skin-irritating cineaol!).

tip 4

Mix the essential manuka oil with your hand cream: put 1 droplet of manuka oil in the palm of your hand and your hand cream - so you have protection and care in one.

tip 5

Make your own spray solution: Put 100 ml of vodka with 10 drops of essential manuka oil in a spray bottle and shake vigorously. Since essential oils do not dissolve in water, let's take vodka. But please shake the bottle vigorously before each spraying. To get a different scent and other active ingredients in the room spray, you can add a few drops of the following essential oils: lemon, orange, all coniferous woods, eucalyptus, thyme, peppermint - just try it out!

tip 6

Manuka honey with an MGO value of 100+ can be sucked from a teaspoon for sore throats and pharyngitis. To soothe a cough, best stir in warm (not hot!) tea or milk and sip.

tip 7

Add 10 drops of essential manuka oil and a small dash of washing-up liquid to two liters of warm water. With this solution you can, for example, clean the refrigerator, freezer, doorknobs, shelves, etc. intensively.

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