Our unique active ingredients from nature

cobicos not only contain the initials of the founder Birgit Corall and the word cosmetic. There are also active ingredients in it that seem exotic. Some are native to New Zealand, like medicinal Manuka honey. The company founder sees herself as a kind of treasure hunter. "It's important to me that the products work, improve the skin's appearance and positive effects become visible." The high concentration of active ingredients is a trademark of cobicos, as are the silky textures and the delicate floral fragrance.

rosa Magnolienblüte

Magnolia –
every drop of concentrated moisture

for your perfect day
rote Hibiskusblüte

hibiscus –
every drop of silky smoothness

for your smooth skin
Sanddornzweig mit grünen Blättern

sea ​​buckthorn –
every drop a powerful vitamin package

for your sunny day

Moringa –
every drop a powerful antioxidant

for your young skin
rote Granatapfelkerne

pomegranate –
every drop of natural anti-aging

for your WOW! day

Soapwort –
every drop a refreshing kick

for your pure face – step 2
gelbe Ringelblume

marigold –
every drop of pure calming for stressed skin

for your pure face – step 2
weißer Keramiklöffel mit Manukahonig

Manuka honey -
every drop of regeneration for damaged skin

More about manuka honey in the blog

totarol –
every drop of protection against free radicals

the must-have in the natural pharmacy

shea butter –
every drop is an extra boost for smooth skin

Japanese Cedar –
every drop is a step towards firmer and smoother skin

for your special day

cupuaçu butter –
every drop of gentle care for the skin

paracress –
every drop smoothing expression lines

smoothing for your skin

sea ​​asparagus –
every drop is a water reservoir for the skin

water reservoir for your skin

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