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Payment, shipping and returns

How can I pay for my goods?
We offer payment via PayPal and direct transfer. If you do not want either of the two methods of payment, please write to us and we can arrange payment in advance.
How are the products shipped?
We offer shipping via DHL or UPS. DHL also delivers to your Packstation. Please click on your desired delivery method during the ordering process. Within Germany and Austria we deliver free of charge from an order value of € 45.00.
How are the products packed?
Since the company was founded, we have been careful to buy and use as little packaging material as possible. A minimum amount of padding material is necessary to protect the products. We receive the complete bubble wrap for free from two companies that would otherwise discard this material. We also use many of the boxes that we receive with deliveries of goods for shipping.
Can I return my products?
Yes, you can. Please inform us in advance by e-mail ( about the reason for the return and send the products at your own expense to our address: Edelweißstr. 31, 84032 Landshut. You will then be refunded the purchase price via Paypal or bank transfer to your account. Excluded from the return are the Manuka honeys.

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Are the products vegan?
Some of our products are vegan: the wow effect fleece mask, the two cleansing products and the mild manuka oil. All other products contain the organic Manuka honey MGO 100+ due to its very good skin care properties.
Are the products suitable for allergy sufferers?
Yes, we have had very good experiences in caring for very sensitive and allergic skin. Our products do contain the so-called allergens such as linalool, geraniol, linol and others; these come from natural essential oils and are therefore better tolerated than synthetically obtained fragrances. The many high-quality, organic seed oils and butters as well as the manuka honey protect and regenerate the skin and help it to find its balance. We recommend that people with allergies request samples from us in return for paying the postage.
Are the products comedogenic?
no We use rich oils and fats such as shea butter, cupuacu butter, mango butter (in the Special Day Cream). However, these do not clog the pores, but can be applied velvety softly, care for and nourish the skin.
Do the products contain alcohol?
Only the cleaning foam contains alcohol.
Why is there no tonic?
Our two serums, Lifting and Protecting, serve as tonics. They regulate the pH value of the skin after cleansing, moisturize it with lotus, cherry and wild rose hydrosols and help it increase elasticity and resilience thanks to the many anti-aging active ingredients.

Usage Questions

Do you have products for Rosacea?
Yes, here we recommend the Protecting Serum and if you need a little more care, a few drops of Mild Manuka Oil. It contains the antibacterial manuka oil, which is particularly effective against the staphylococci found in acne bacteria. Furthermore, the macadamia nut oil regulates the sebum production of the skin.
Is SPF 15 sun protection enough?
Our Sunny Day is a day cream with sun protection. In the test, it achieved an SPF of 16.2. This light protection is sufficient for everyday normal sunlight: cycling to go shopping, lunch break outdoors, going to coffee. It also contains Akoobo, an African root extract, Totarol, a New Zealand extract from Totara wood and sea buckthorn pulp oil. All extracts have a strong antioxidant effect and protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, which are caused by sunlight, among other things. Our personal experience has shown that the Sunny Day protects the skin very well, even during longer stays in the sun.
Do I have to use a night cream?
Our skin loses moisture and oils during the day due to wind, sun and air conditioning. In the early evening hours she begins to regenerate. Therefore, it makes sense to return moisture and fat to the skin in the evening and to support its regeneration process. Depending on how dry and in need of care the skin feels, the evening care can consist of just a light serum, a night cream or an additional nourishing oil.

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