Do you have mature skin?

Get to know our care and product tips for your skin type

Mature and demanding skin

The skin always wants to be well cared for. In winter she will need even more care than in summer. The ideal care products for you are:

Pure Face Step 1 Make-Up Remover
Pure Face Step 2 cleansing foam

in summer
Lifting Serum and above it the Special Day or Sunny Day
● in the evening: Lifting Serum plus the Luxury Night

in the winter
Special day

If the skin is still tight despite the Luxury Night Cream, a few drops of moringa seed oil can also be massaged in.

additional care
Pretty Eyes Eye and Lip Cream
AH! enzyme peeling

How often should I exfoliate?
Since skin activity already decreases in your mid-20s, you can always give your skin a boost: our enzymatic peeling boosts cell activity, stores a lot of moisture and helps your skin cells to better absorb the power ingredients. You are welcome to use the peeling as a spa treatment for seven days in the evening and otherwise as often as is good for you.
Do you use the serum all over your face?
Yes, our serums are intended to improve the complexion of the face and neck, because the skin as a whole loses its elasticity. One pump is enough for the face and neck. The serum can also be used around the eyes. What is the difference between serum and eye cream? The eye cream has been specially developed for the delicate, delicate skin around the eyes. Our Pretty Eyes reduces blood congestion and thereby reduces dark circles under the eyes and optically lifts the lid with hawthorn.

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