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What does luxury mean? decadence or sustainability?

Is luxury waste and decadence or sustainability and alternative? True luxury is decision!

There's the unattainable world of consumer goods, with which a small layer of luxury consumers want to differentiate themselves from the rest of the world. This luxury takes you into another world. For the "Otto-Normal-citizen" this is not only a waste, but also questions the usefulness of these products - such as diamond-tipped car rims.

Branded luxury is not quite as sophisticated, i.e. things with which we want to adorn ourselves and give our lives a certain status: the diamond necklace with the low-cut dress, the elegant watch on the powerful man’s wrist.

The completely different side of luxury: consume less and be more sustainable

And then there is a whole other side of luxury. This luxury implies values ​​such as more time, more mindfulness, more environmental awareness. Here, people would rather buy a piece of furniture that has been created in a sustainable, handcrafted way than a new designer sofa every few years. This view counters luxury consumer goods with a “Think about the most important things!”. People consume less, but higher quality, for example organic meat or wild salmon caught with a fishing rod, seasonal fruit and vegetables instead of mass-produced goods and strawberries in January.

And what does luxury mean for cobicos?

"Natural luxury" - that is our claim, which we have chosen very consciously. Because for me, the luxury of nature is everything that only nature produces and gives to all of us - something that, despite all the technology and biochemistry, we cannot imitate or can only imitate imperfectly. Nature revels in luxury. It brings out all the wonderful plants with their active ingredients, the different minerals and even the water, which is an important ingredient in care products. Each plant is unique in its own way and so adapted to its habitat, so versatile, frugal, extravagant, fragrant... .

'For me, the luxury of nature is everything that only nature produces and gives to all of us.'

Another luxury is that there are people who dedicate themselves with love and devotion to the cultivation, harvesting and extraction of these plants in certified organic cultivation methods instead of paying attention to maximizing profits. And this luxury means that families and especially women in disadvantaged regions have an economic livelihood and better living conditions. At the same time, this luxury ensures more soil diversity and reduces the climate-related environmental catastrophes on agriculture.

cobicos supports many alternative projects by consciously purchasing raw materials

We support this view by consciously supporting many of these alternative projects through the purchase of our raw materials and resources. I would like to thank the company AOT and naturamus as proven suppliers. These exquisite active ingredients are the basis of our luxurious textures. We allow ourselves the luxury of using Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) dispensers instead of normal airless dispensers for our products. These goods all have their price and are a luxury that we can consciously choose, a luxury that makes you feel good on two counts.

I think it's time to focus on essential care in the bathroom too. This not only saves resources, but also turns care into a luxury that we can enjoy and promote what makes sense. We no longer have to throw away so many tubes and jars.

''How nice that we can opt for luxury that not only pleases us in the short term, but also makes us satisfied in the long term because it also helps others! "

We also consider it a luxury to have cobicos, a company that has family-friendly workplaces, workplaces for inclusive employees and a great working atmosphere. How nice that we can choose luxury that not only pleases us in the short term, but also makes us satisfied in the long term because it also helps others! I am particularly pleased that I can share and pass on this luxury with our customers.

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Danke für den tollen Text. Du hast damit vollkommen recht! Im Badezimmer habe ich schon auf das wesentliche reduziert. Jetzt versuche ich bei Mode auch nachhaltig zu sein, auch wenn es nicht einfach ist.

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