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Frau mittleren Alters, gepflegt und straffe Haut

Mature skin over 50. How do I take care of myself?

The signs of the times leave no one untouched. At some point, the first gray hair appears or the cheek area is no longer so taut. Some women are now wondering what to do to make this condition better or at least not worse?

Basically, your skin condition depends on several factors. The genetic predisposition determines the fat balance (oily skin stays wrinkle-free longer) and the skin thickness (the lighter the skin, the thinner it usually is). The lifestyle such as job, diet, exercise routine influences how our skin is supplied with blood and how stressed it is.

This is how I solved my skin problems

When I look at my skin, I'm certainly somewhere in the genetic mediocre range. My lifestyle has always been rather healthy, with lots of exercise in the fresh air, careful use of the sun, positive nutrition. The good care only came in my mid-20s - that is, at a time when no crease deceived the picture. Why? I bought organic and didn't want to put anything on my skin that I would never eat. I also had the problem of getting very dry, inflamed areas of skin in winter that didn't go away with classic creams. The combination of a moisturizing gel, the Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel (the thirst quencher) and a suitable care product, Living Nature Nourishing Day Cream (protection and structure), calmed my skin and I was free of my worries. The foundation for a good facial routine was laid.

»The daily cleansing ritual is very important to me.«

Today, at 50+, my focus is on keeping my skin beautiful and healthy - just like I keep my body fit with exercise and good nutrition. Therefore, it gets a balanced portion of moisture every day. This can be a gel in the morning, the Extra Hydrating Gel or the cobicos Protecting Serum and always a serum in the evening, usually the cobicos Lifting Serum . Because then the skin should get additional "nourishment" to regenerate from the stresses of the day.

Daily cleaning is particularly important to me

The daily cleansing ritual is very important to me: how are the beautiful active ingredients supposed to penetrate the skin if I leave the mixture of fats and dust on it in the evening? Would I just rinse a used plate with warm water and put it away? Certainly not. So the make-up is carefully removed – even if it is only eye make-up – and then the whole face is cleaned with a mild cleansing foam, e.g. B. the cobicos Pure Face Step 2 , in winter also cleaned with a cleansing milk (Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser).

Why do I use the serum in the evening?

This has something to do with the natural function of the skin. In the early evening hours, the skin begins its cell activity: cells are divided, old loads are removed. Now she can make good use of the vitamins and active ingredients that are plentiful in my serum. Since my skin doesn't feel the same every evening, I vary my care. Sometimes the serum is enough for her, but sometimes she asks for more. Then she gets a rich night cream ( cobicos Luxury Night ) and maybe even a few drops of facial oil (the new one Ultimate Day Oil or Radiance Night Oil ), which I lovingly rub into my forehead and around my eyes. I go over my skin with small circular movements, breathe in the scent of the essential oils and look forward to my bed.

My skin looks refreshed and invigorated

And last but not least, I pamper my skin with a mask: I like to use a clay mask ( Deep Cleansing Mask by Living Nature) to benefit from the circulation-enhancing and pore-cleansing effect.
In addition, the active ingredients of my serum and night care are absorbed much better afterwards. The skin feels refreshed and invigorated and I actually look younger the next morning.

Wondering when to do all this? The evening is too short? At some point I changed my evening routine, rarely watch TV, but stay longer in the bathroom, with music, maybe a cup of tea and I'm happy to finally have time for myself after a long, tiring day.

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