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Hände mit Neurodermitis

Neurodermatitis from baby to adult - what now?

Neurodermatitis is a widespread skin disease. It occurs in newborns, but can also break out after puberty.

It is estimated that about every 10th child suffers from neurodermatitis. In adulthood, the symptoms usually recede, but a strong sensitivity usually remains and the skin requires special attention. People with neurodermatitis often also have various allergies. The symptoms of neurodermatitis are itchy skin that tends to redness and nodules, which in extreme cases can also tear open.

Neurodermatitis skin must not be 'glued' with fats

The exact causes of neurodermatitis are unknown. Since the appearance often occurs in spurts, one can determine a connection to special phases of life such as stress, strain or processes of cutting cords. Food intolerances can also be a cause. The skin with neurodermatitis often feels dry and brittle, but it must not be "glued" with a lot of fat. A mild, gentle cleansing without synthetic foaming agents is ideal. A cleansing milk has moisturizing properties and the skin does not feel dry after washing.

»Essential Manuka Oil soothes irritated and irritated skin.«

For daily care, the skin needs a lot of moisture - for this the market offers numerous gels with aloe vera, gel from the harakeke plant, toning serums - preferably 100% free of alcohol. So that the moisture remains in the skin, it is now creamed with a regulating care product. Well suited oils are, for example, evening primrose, macadamia nut, avocado, but also manuka honey and shea butter provide intensive and lasting care. Pure evening primrose oil can also be used as a care product or as a dietary supplement to regulate the prostaglandin balance. I also recommend products that avoid essential oils or only use them in moderation.

A massage with evening primrose oil is recommended for babies

If the skin is very itchy, essential manuka oil can be added to a base oil or cream, because the active ingredient sesquiterpene controls the histamines released by the body, which are responsible for itching and inflammatory reactions. In addition, sesquiterpenes accelerate the healing of wounds and regenerate the skin and mucous membranes. Applied externally, they soothe irritated skin.

A massage with evening primrose oil followed by a warm bath is recommended for babies. You can add a teaspoon of Manuka honey and a little cream to the bath water as an emulsifier. Of course we adults like that too! Since I am fortunately not affected myself, but can only pass on the various testimonials of my customers, all neurodermatitis sufferers will be happy about product and care tips! So feel free to exchange views on the topic.

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