The perfect hand and nail care

The perfect hand and nail care

Our hands are our daily tools for a variety of activities at work, in the home and in our free time. What can I do to protect and care for hands and nails with as little effort as possible?

Writing, kneading, gripping, clearing, cleaning, cutting, peeling, massaging ... the pleasant tasks as well as the rather unpleasant ones, those that take care of the hands and those that put a lot of strain on the skin and nails.

How can I care for my hands with little effort?

For all less pleasant tasks, I cream my hands and nails with a very rich, greasy product before work: Living Nature Hand Cream , Ultra Rich Body Cream or even lip balm , which I also rub intensively around my nails. So I have my little "protective wall".

Then I wear gloves because my skin tends to discolour, especially when I'm peeling fruit that stains, such as beetroot or potatoes, or digging in the garden. And that doesn't have to be the case. After work it's time to wash thoroughly, scrub with the nail brush and then apply lotion! Depending on the time of day, e.g. B. just before going to bed, I apply a rich cream again. If I still have the day ahead of me, less rich.

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