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Sunny Day von cobicos auf dunkelgrauer Schieferplatte mit Muscheln dekoriert

The raw material Alumina in the Sunny Day Cream SPF15

The ingredient Alumina is in the ingredient list. It has nothing to do with the aluminum salts in the deodorants.

The alumina is the coating of the titanium dioxide (the raw material that reflects the UV radiation and is therefore mainly responsible for the SPF) to prevent the photocatalytic effect*. It encloses the TiO2 (titanium dioxide) as an insoluble and glass-like layer, like natural corundum.

Corundum is not aluminium, but an absolutely insoluble aluminum oxide (Al2O3). It is not soluble even in the strongest acids and bases and is firmly bound to the titanium oxide. This coating has the positive effect that the whitish titanium dioxide particles are evenly distributed in the cream and do not clump.

It has nothing to do with the aluminum salts in deodorants, it is a water soluble salt and can penetrate the skin. The titanium dioxide used for our Sunny Day Cream has been tested by the IONC as an ingredient for certified natural cosmetics and is approved by cosmos. We would be happy to send you a sachet to test.

*The photocatalytic effect describes any chemical reaction triggered by light.

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