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Mission Statement

Birgit Corall likes to think things through to the end. And since her passion is natural cosmetics, the founder of cobicos is clear:

"If we don't protect nature, we'll saw off the branch we're sitting on. Because only an intact environment can deliver high-quality active ingredients.”

Family friendly company

When Birgit Corall founded her own company cobicos, both daughters were still in kindergarten. What applied to her quickly became the maxim for her employees: all hands-on women who wanted to combine work and motherhood. Her team consists of nine permanent employees who work in various part-time models from 15 to 38 hours. A committed community. Where tips on childhood illnesses used to be exchanged, today it is the experience of caring for and caring for aging parents. "That's the nice thing : we grow together with our tasks." For this concept, cobicos has already received two awards from the Bertelsmann Foundation as a "family-friendly employer".

In 2021, Birgit Corall received the award from the Bavarian state government as a "family-friendly employer".

This prize is awarded every 2 years and 20 companies are recognized from almost 300 applications.


In 2016, the company received the honorary award "JobErfolg" from the Bavarian state government for the integration of severely disabled employees, in 2017 cobicos was presented with the emblem "Inclusion in Bavaria - we work together". Since 2017, Braille for the severely visually impaired has also been integrated on all product labels.

Don't dream about better skin - just cream it

Birgit Corall is one of the crazy ones. So to the crazy people who conquered Mont Ventoux by bike. That's what the French affectionately call top cyclists. The 53-year-old also loves sports at work. Otherwise, the pioneer would hardly have invested in natural cosmetics 30 years ago and put everything on one card: namely the New Zealand brand Living Nature, which brought her to Germany when she was still a student. In the 80s, when natural cosmetics were a niche and hardly anyone knew that Manuka is a nutrient-rich honey that is so good for the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The founder

Birgit Corall


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