Do you have normal to dry skin?

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Normal to dry skin

In winter, the skin in the cheek area tends to be a little tighter and needs more care than in summer. Especially in winter, an extra dose of moisture and care is important. The ideal care products for you are:

Pure Face Step 1 Make-Up Remover
Pure Face Step 2 cleansing foam

in summer
Perfect Day
Sunny day
● in the evening: Lifting Serum

in the winter
● additionally the Luxury Night

additional care
● wow! Effect fleece mask
Pretty Eyes Eye and Lip Cream

I have wrinkles around my eyes
In order to give the delicate skin around the eyes the best possible support, our Pretty Eyes eye and lip cream has a light, cooling consistency and plumps up the skin with rose and lotus hydrolate. Red algae effectively protects against UV rays.
My skin is flaking - what can I do?
Regular peeling with the AHA! Enzyme peeling loosens dry dead skin cells. Sufficient moisture brings the skin back into balance and regulates it, e.g. B. through our serums and the plant hydrolates instead of water in our care.
I have very dry skin - what care do I use?
If the skin tightens again very quickly after applying the cream, it makes sense to apply the cream a second time in the morning. Be sure to moisturize the skin overnight (Wow! Effect fleece mask, serums) and of course drink enough, e.g. B. Still water, ginger tea, water with lemon and mint.

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