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Irritated skin and skin prone to rosacea

The skin needs intensive care in some places, but in the so-called "butterfly area" above the nose and cheeks there is redness and inflammation that should be cared for very gently and in a regulating manner. The ideal care products for you are:

Pure Face Step 1 Make-Up Remover

in summer
Protecting Serum and above it the Sunny Day
● in the evening: Protecting Serum

in the winter
Special Day over the dry areas or Sunny Day and the Mild Manuka Oil over it

additional care
Mild manuka oil

morning and evening as a basis
Protecting Serum and a few drops of evening primrose oil on top for areas that are dry, tight and prone to wrinkling. If the skin already shows a lot of inflammation, then use mild manuka oil instead of evening primrose oil.

● Apply a touch of manuka essential oil directly to the inflammation

Please also discuss your care with your doctor or naturopath.

I have small pimples and bumps - what can I do?
Soft, smooth skin is important so that the impurities that have accumulated here in the pores can come out better. Here the AHA helps! Enzyme peeling, because it uses enzymes and the finest peeling granules to remove surface cornifications. I also find professional cleaning by the beautician to be very helpful.
What can I do about the inflammation?
Since rosacea is a skin disease, it is advisable to visit or consult a doctor. Essential manuka oil (well suited for lukewarm compresses) and mild manuka oil (well suited if the skin is tight despite the inflammation and needs care) have an antibacterial effect.
What can I do about the redness?
You can cover the redness cosmetically with a tinted day cream or a light foundation and some powder. The Sunny Day SPF 15 day cream also slightly reduces redness thanks to the Akoobo it contains and soothes the skin.

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