Do you have normal to oily skin?

Get to know our care and product tips for your skin type

Normal-oily skin

Above all, the skin needs a lot of moisture and regulation so that the sebum production can be balanced again. The ideal care products for you are:

Pure Face Step 2 cleansing foam

in summer
Perfect Day
Sunny day
● in the evening: Lifting Serum or Protecting Serum

for impurities
● dab manuka essential oil
Mild manuka oil
Apply very finely to inflamed areas in the evening.

additional care
AH! enzyme peeling

I have small pimples and bumps - what can I do?
These underlays are often encapsulated and fit really tight. My first recommendation is to go to a natural beautician who takes care of it professionally. For home care, regular exfoliation is important to avoid thickening of the skin. The AHA, which is based on three components, is suitable for this! Excellent enzyme peel. The AHA and PHA acids as well as papaya enzymatically loosen superficial scales and the finest particles of the bamboo extract work mechanically. Calluses and blockages in the pores are loosened.
My skin is prone to breakouts - what can I do?
A very thorough cleansing that rids the skin of dirt, sebum and debris is very important. It is best to wash your face twice in the morning and evening with the Pure Face Step 2 cleansing foam. Avoid products with alcohol - these dry out the skin and are more likely to irritate it to produce more sebum. Use light, regulating products like a serum, the Perfect Day or Sunny Day Cream. The essential manuka oil has a targeted effect on the acne-promoting bacteria and can be applied very sparingly to the inflammation.

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