Do you have sensitive skin?

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Sensitive and sensitive skin

The skin reacts quickly to external influences and changes in diet and living conditions. She will need more maintenance in winter than in summer. It is particularly important to bring calm and relaxation into the skin. The ideal care products for you are:

Pure Face Step 1 Make-Up Remover

Protecting Serum and Sunny Day
● in the evening: Protecting Serum and Luxury Night

additional care

Mild manuka oil
Moringa Seed Oil

If the skin does not tolerate too much different care: apply a few drops of evening primrose or moringa seed oil over the Protecting Serum in the evening and massage in gently.

I am reacting to fragrances - what can I do?
The skin does not always react to the natural fragrances - mostly to the synthetically produced ones. You can therefore try out whether you tolerate the products of the certified natural cosmetics. We would be happy to send you samples.
My skin is itchy and reacts to changes - do I need to change creams more often?
No, especially sensitive skin that is easily irritated is happy if it is cared for evenly and to a lesser extent. Therefore, you can simply apply a few drops of moringa seed or evening primrose oil over your serum for more intensive care. If the skin is itchy, the mild manuka oil with its 2% proportion of essential manuka oil is ideal.

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