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Frau am Strand mit Sonnenhut und Sonnencreme auf der Wange

How much sun protection is useful? It depends on the right measure!

UV light is one of the biggest causes of more wrinkles and fine lines and triggers skin cancer.

Sometimes I think that applying a cream with SPF every day is almost standard. But does that really make sense? Yes and no – the right measure makes sense. Yes, because UV light is one of the biggest causes of more wrinkles and fine lines and triggers skin cancer. It is therefore absolutely important and sensible to protect yourself from too much UV light.

How can this protection look like?

First of all, our skin has a built-in self-protection - namely the production of melanin. Depending on the skin type, there is more or less melanin. When UV light hits the skin, it boosts its melanin production and builds up this protection. However, this has only a limited effect - therefore, especially the lighter the skin is, we need further protective measures such as e.g. B. Sun hat, cap, light, airy clothing with long sleeves and trouser legs, shade and sunscreen.

My favorite thing about long stays in the sun is actually protection with clothing. After swimming, I let the sun dry me for a while and then protect myself with natural shade (trees, parasol) or with clothing and additionally with a mineral sunscreen.

Sunscreen is always an additional factor – but I would never sit in the blazing sun for several hours with it on. Because despite applying lotion, the harmful UVA and UVB rays strike and develop their skin-damaging effect.

Our Sunny Day not only offers sun protection, but also powerful antioxidants thanks to Akoobo and Totarol, which boost cell protection. It also cares for and nourishes the skin with sea buckthorn pulp oil and hibiscus. The skin feels soft and protected after application - nothing sticks! Just a pleasant feeling!

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