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junge Asiatin sitzt mit geschlossenen Augen im Flugzeug

Bored on the plane? Does not have to be!

Do you know that? You would like to go to a distant holiday country or have to go there for work and then you know that you will have to spend 7 to 10 hours sitting on the plane.

For me the thought is scary, which is why I try – not only for ecological reasons – to minimize these trips absolutely.

However, I have got used to using the flight time as much as possible for my beauty care. I was encouraged when I read an article about the travel behavior of Korean women, who already remove their make-up in the toilet at the gate, put on masks and start their flight well-equipped.

"I start with the first round of cream at the seat."

It hasn't come to that for me (yet). But I have a whole bag full of mini sizes of cleansing, eye care, moisturizing gel, serum and rich care products in my hand luggage. After I have cleaned my face in the "bathroom", I start with the care at my seat. First of all, massage an eye cream around the eye with gentle tapping and stroking movements. I like to hold the point on the inner brows for a while - it relaxes.

This is followed by a serum, which is distributed over the entire face in small dots and also massaged in. It is best to take care of the neck at the same time with long stroking movements from bottom to top. The skin's moisture depots are now replenished. So that these do not immediately evaporate again due to the air conditioning and the extremely dry air in the aircraft, a richer care product is applied as a protective layer on top.

Now I feel good and can devote myself to the next few hours of continuous film watching until I put in another round of cream an hour before the finish line.

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