Lime on our skin! What use is a tonic or toning?

Lime on our skin! What use is a tonic or toning?

During my cosmetics training, I learned that after cleaning your face, you absolutely have to rub a tonic over your face with a cotton pad.

And for what... ?

  1. ... to stabilize the pH value of the skin again (a cleansing product is usually more acidic than the natural skin pH value of 5.5)*

  2. ... to remove the limescale present in the water from the skin.

I saw point 1.
Point 2 puzzled me. If there is limescale in the water and it's on my skin after washing, then shouldn't I also remove it after showering, bathing and washing my hair and after every hand washing and brushing my teeth? Where did all the lime go from the rest of my body that I didn't take off with a tonic? No one has been able to answer this question for me so far.

I then figured it out myself and thought that this limescale would no longer be on the skin after drying it off or rinsing it out. Actually logical - otherwise I would be very calcareous by now - mainly because we have very calcareous water here!

Still a tonic? But yes!

Namely because of point 1 - neutralize the pH value of the skin after cleaning and - very important - to moisturize the skin. Toning gels and serums are best for this, ideally without alcohol. They contain a lot of moisture and this can be absorbed very well by the cleansed skin. And a well-moisturized skin paves the way for the absorption of other active ingredients and thus also the basis for a balanced lipid film.

What do you think of the thought? Does he make sense? I'm happy about your comments.

*Here I ask the fans of alkaline care to be patient - I will also write a blog article about this

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