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Hundreds of brushes - which ones do I need?

Do you know that too – you are in the shop and you see all these beautiful make-up brushes in all sizes and shapes and you think “I need that too”!

When you get home you realize that you already have a similar brush or that it leaves more brush hairs on your cheek or eyelid than powder and color with each application. As with so many things, less is more and quality is better than quantity.

How many brushes do I really need?

The answer depends on how much time you put into makeup and how many different products you use.

Makeup, Foundation, Concealer

There are many tools for applying these products in many differently shaped sponges, brushes of different widths and narrowness and of course our fingertips. In my opinion, too much product gets stuck in the pores of the sponges and if the sponge is not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, it is also a bacterial sponge. The foundation and concealer brushes are made of synthetic hair (also vegan), as too much color gets caught in animal hair and is difficult to clean. A wider brush (1.5 cm) is very well suited for large-area application. You can work very carefully with the tip of the wide brush for the small areas under the eye, around the lips or to precisely cover small blemishes, or for the inexperienced use a fine brush that is only 0.5 cm wide. Personally, I also like to apply the foundation with my fingers.

powder, blush

Indeed, unless you have a cream blush or dab some lipstick on your cheeks and spread it, you can't work with your fingers here. With powders and blushes, poor quality hair loss is even more of a problem, because you don't want to destroy your beautiful foundation by scraping annoying hairs off your cheeks.

The same applies when buying brushes: less is more. Quality before quantity.


Make-up artists like to work with real hair brushes. Those who prefer the vegan alternative can use applicators with a soft foam head. It is important to have a soft head that spreads the fine powder well and evenly over the lid.


Brows are THE topic – who would have thought 20 years ago that wide brows would one day be chic? Fine, slanted brushes with short hair are well suited to naturally emphasizing the brows, as they can be used to shape and color the rather firm brow hairs. Applicators and soft brushes lead to a more striking result.

lip brush

Especially when the lip contours are no longer super smooth, it is much easier to apply the lipstick with the lip brush. This is very fine and long-haired. If you don't get along so well with drawing, do it like me: I prefer to emphasize the eyes and put a gloss on the lips, e.g. B. our Liphydrator Bliss - it makes the lips look fuller and gives a nice shine! Coming back to the question at the beginning - how many brushes do I need? I regularly use my eye shadow applicator and blush brush. Less often the foundation and powder brushes - so really a manageable amount - but they are of good quality and always ready to hand.

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