Pomegranate seed oil - natural - sustainable - upcycling

Pomegranate seed oil - natural - sustainable - upcycling

Pomegranate Seed Oil is one of our favorite active ingredients in our Luxury Night Cream, Lifting and Protecting Serum. We obtain the oil from AOT, a company in Kempten that is exemplary in the procurement of ecological raw materials for food and cosmetics and therefore fits perfectly with our philosophy.

AOT writes to us: our ecologically certified pomegranate is grown on 400 hectares of pomegranate gardens in the area of ​​Agsu/Azerbaijan. This project is managed directly by us. The pomegranate seeds are pressed to extract the juice and then gently dried in the modern drying plant to achieve a high and clean quality. The actual pomegranate seed oil is then mechanically cold-pressed after careful quality testing in our own production and then finely filtered.

Pomegranate cultivation and drying plant in Azerbaijan

In cosmetics, pomegranate seed oil is considered an excellent antioxidant in skin and facial oils. These effects are attributed to the high content of phytoestrogens and the high antioxidant effect of punicic acid, which we have proven in our AOT® effectiveness study. It promotes cell proliferation (new cell formation) and increases skin elasticity, as well as regenerating tissue. Its anti-inflammatory effect supports the care of neurodermatitis, eczematic and sun-damaged skin.

The special thing about it: the seeds used to produce the pomegranate seed oil are a by-product of the juice production. The seeds are in the red flesh bodies that we know as food. So a perfect upcycling.

From certified organic cultivation and vegan

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