Frost, wind and cold cannot harm my skin - why?

Frost, wind and cold cannot harm my skin - why?

Some of you know that I really like cycling and I'm not afraid of the cold. I need exercise and fresh air, also when hiking or, earlier, when sledding with the children.

And then the following happens: everything is well packed: thick pants and stockings, extra warm wool sweater, scarf, hat, gloves – and your face? This is exposed to cold temperatures and icy winds without protection.

Of course, there are those ski hats that only have their eyes sticking out, but they're not an option for me.

»The face is unprotected and exposed to cold temperatures and icy winds!«

Therefore, I primarily protect my sensitive cheek skin with a frost-proof care product. This works best with an anhydrous product. I use the Living Nature lip balm in the tube for this. With the warmth of your fingers, it becomes wonderfully soft, almost oily, and feels like a pleasant film on the skin. It doesn't feel uncomfortably sticky or greasy, just like a warm scarf - just on the skin.

Maybe this is also a good alternative for all walkers, walkers and other fresh air friends to defy the cold and protect the skin. Does anyone have another tip?

How do you protect your skin from the cold?

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